The first 1-day training days will take place in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Stay tuned! Click link below for a first impression on a training day:

Currently provides the following training sessions/ workshops:

  1. Finance for startups: An introduction;
  2. Finance for startups: Advanced topics;
  3. Valuation of startups (how much is a startup worth);
  4. Investment structuring for startups.

Depending on the fore-knowledge of your audience a training session typically takes 1 daypart (3 hours), 2 dayparts (6 hours) up to 4 dayparts.


Feel free to contact me for a training session/ workshop for your audience. provides tailored sessions for your audience!

Training wants to improve the “finance knowledge” of startup entrepreneurs at low costs since most startup entrepreneurs have limited funds.


It is important for a startup entrepreneur to get the (financial) numbers right in order to convince investors to participate! Moreover, finance is the language of business, without cash flow a company cannot survive. So one needs to learn to assess whether a (startup) company can make cash flow or not. does this, amongst others, by providing low-cost training days. In a 1-day training startup entrepreneurs get a good idea on how to set up the necessary numbers for their startups. This in order to be able to convince investors to participate in the company!


The first training days will be provided in Amsterdam and Eindhoven (starting in 2017). During the training a startups entrepreneur learns how to work with the financial model provided by All learned is 100% practical and as easy and clear as possible!


More info on dates, locations and prices will follow soon!


This 1-day training is of interest for startup entrepreneurs looking for funding. Moreover, this training is of interest for:

  • Angel investors who want to learn more about investing in startups;
  • Accountants who want to learn more about financing new business models;
  • (junior) venture capitalists;
  • Crowd funding consultants;
  • Corporate finance consultants who want to learn more about financing new business models;
  • Lawyers who want to learn more about the finance aspects in venture capital.