the book

Currently a book is being written which helps you to set up the (financial) numbers for your startup! Follow to learn more about the exact publication date.


The book will teach the startup entrepreneur how to set up the financial numbers for any startup consisting out of:

  • An estimated balance sheet (for the upcoming 5 years);
  • An  estimated profit & loss statement (for the upcoming 5 years);
  • An estimated cash flow statement (for the upcoming 5 years and upcoming 12 months);
  • Conversion rates for marketing/ "traction";
  • Feasibility check;
  • Taking investments in assets and working capital into account;
  • Determining the amount to finance;
  • Valuation of the startup;
  • Deal with investors (example: does an investor get 10% or 25% of the shares for 100.000 euro or dollar);
  • Deal structure;
  • Staged financing.

The book is being written so that everybody with a healthy pair of brains can read and understand it!! 


Finance is NOT difficult is the motto of the book!! Reading the book will save you a lot of costs that you will otherwise spend on an accountant or financial consultant.