is founded by Joris Kersten, MSc BSc RAB (1980). Joris' biggest passion is scuba diving. As a Padi Divemaster he has dived at different places in the world where he clearly noticed that we should take better care of nature and the environment.


Therefore Joris' motto is: Life is about executing ideas that make the world nicer and better! He works on this every day with his initiative! 



It is important for a startup entrepreneur to get the (financial) numbers right in order to convince investors to participate! Moreover, finance is the language of business. Without cash flow a company cannot survive, so one needs to learn to assess whether a (startup) company can make cash flow or not. exists because in general startup entrepreneurs find it difficult to “quantify” the potential of their business model. This means that they find it difficult to translate their business idea in (financial) numbers. wants to help startup entrepreneurs by translating their business idea in (financial) numbers like a well argumented: Estimated balance sheet, estimated profit & loss statement, estimated cash flow statement, valuation (what is the company worth) etc. does this by means of its: 

  • Platform with easy (very easy) to use financial model (coming soon);
  • A book with an easy (very easy) step by step approach to set up the numbers yourself;
  • Training provided in the Netherlands at in first instance Amsterdam and Eindhoven. 

Vision wants to improve the “finance knowledge” of startup entrepreneurs. believes this will result in more startups that will be financed by investors, because with excellent financial projections you convince investors to participate!


So more cool ideas of startup entrepreneurs will be executed, which will eventually make the world a nicer and better place! wants to improve the “finance knowledge” of startup entrepreneurs at low costs since most startup entrepreneurs have limited funds. does this by:

  • Providing a free financial model on its platform (coming soon);
  • A low cost handbook for self-use;
  • Low cost training-days at in first instance Amsterdam and Eindhoven.