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My motto: Life is about executing ideas that make the world nicer and better!


Financeyourstartup.com is founded by Joris Kersten, MSc BSc RAB (1980). Joris is owner of Kersten Corporate Finance, a consultancy firm in Mergers & Acquisitions and financing of startup companies. Moreover Kersten Corporate Finance offers training within the field of finance (www.kerstencf.nl).


Joris found out that entrepreneurs of startup companies lack the funds to hire a good financial consultant to help them with setting up the numbers for their startups. These estimated numbers are needed in order to pitch at investors.


Joris decided to write a book that startup entrepreneurs can use to set up the estimated numbers for their startup THEMSELVES. A book with an easy (VERY EASY) approach is now being written. Financeyourstartup.com will function as a platform that supports the book.  


Joris grew up within an entrepreneurial family. His family was owner of a production company in roofs for the automobile industry. The company has been successfully sold in 1992 to market leading company within roofs for the automobile industry Vermeulen Hollandia (Webasto). This triggered his great interest in finance, investments and entrepreneurship at a young age already.


Joris graduated in Master of Science (MSc) Strategic Management and Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business Studies, both at Tilburg University. Moreover, he graduated (cum laude) as “Registered Advisor Business Acquisitions” (RAB), a one-year study in the legal and tax aspect within Mergers & Acquisitions. In addition, he obtained a degree in didactic skills in order to lecture within Higher Education.


My motto: Life is about executing ideas that make the world nicer and better!


Financeyourstartup.com focusses on startup entrepreneurs


Founder Joris Kersten, MSc BSc RAB has been awarded with references of excellent performance within the field of lecturing in finance an consulting in finance.


For more information on consulting services one should visit the website of Kersten Corporate Finance. Language of the website is Dutch: www.kerstencf.nl.